We win. That is why IWS is recognized as a national leader in public affairs and political campaigns.


John McCain for President

Yes on 100 -
One Cent Sales Tax

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Citizens to Protect PA Jobs

Gila River Indian Community

National Association for the
Education of Young Children

Jan Brewer for Governor

Arizona Public Service

General Motors



Campaign Management

We create a path to victory for you and manage the implementation of the plan through proven techniques, cutting-edge tactics and data-driven strategies.


We develop a compelling brand identity and forge a meaningful relationship between you and voters through fresh concepts and pixel-perfect designs.

Digital Advertising

We understand the ever-changing digital landscape. We leverage the Internet and comprehensive voter data to serve ads (display, retargeting, search, social media, video) to target the right voters at the right time through online avenues.

Email Marketing

We deliver concise and consistent emails to voter file-appended email addresses to bring awareness to your campaign and move voters from being passive recipients of a message to an active and educated supporter.

Message Development

We craft effective messages through research and polling data to frame your campaign and tell your story to voters.

Social Media

We build your following and connect your campaign and message with voters on social media to foster communities of supporters.

Traditional Advertising

We know traditional marketing. Despite the dramatic shift from traditional marketing techniques to digital, traditional advertising avenues (TV, radio, direct mail, phones, signs) are still an integral part of a winning campaign strategy.


We leverage the growing popularity of video (video dramatically increases user engagement) to communicate your message to voters with a personal touch.

Website Design

We design visually captivating, informative and responsive websites that deliver a dynamic experience for voters as well as provide avenues to activism.


IWS is a recognized national leader in public affairs and political campaigns with offices in Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.

Working with clients across the country since 1999, IWS has a win record of over 90% as the general consultant to ballot, candidate and issue advocacy campaigns.

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